Phantom Canyon

Phantom Canyon is the story of four brothers who attempt to fend off a large group of Mexican Bandits.  The Bandits chase them into Phantom Canyon, where they meet an old Indian.   He leads them out of the Canyon to a Mysterious Cave.  There they find gold and silver.  The Bandits find them and a ferocious gun battle ensues.  Unknown to any one, the Bandits are being followed by a small troop of US Calvary.  Will the Calvary be able to save all four brothers?  Read an exciting preview at  This is my first book published and I am very proud of it.  Please try it out and let me know, what you think!  In January 2013  this book comes out in paper back.  I will post a link to it at that time.  book is free until 3/21/13 at, use coupon FR64P.

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