CIA – The Slave Traders

CIA_The Slave TradersLynda Lassiter is eighteen years old, she has been hired by the CIA as an Operative Agent. Her very first assignment is to act like a sixteen year old girl on a cabin cruiser. She is to help another Agent in getting information out of Arab teenagers. When this assignment goes bad and everyone is killed but Lynda, she is upgraded to a Field Agent eventually ending up with her being assigned to Afghanistan. There she notices that young girls as young as eight are being taken from their families and sold into prostitution. She vows to end this practice and uses the U.S. Army to help stop the practice. This assignment also blows up in her face.
Lynda marries another Agent so that she can adopt one of the small girls and her life seems to straighten out. But things go well only for so long. When her husband is killed in a shoot out she begans a new campaign to free missing young girls in Aruba. It isn’t long until she realizes that she is pregnant with her dead husbands baby. This doesn’t stop her for long. The only problem is, someone is trying to kill her. She finds out that a Sheik in Iran is after her for killing his son. The climax of the book occurs with her meeting the Sheik and his security team and Lynda finds herself in a deadly gun battle.