In The Heat of The Night

In the Dark of the NightLove. Danger. Deception. Murder. He needs to be caught! Phil Pittman is an unusually rare man, he only has to sleep three hours a day. He is also a thief; he steals money, jewels, love and even a person’s life. He is quite simply a user of people. His motto in life is, It’s better to be lucky than good! And, Phil is very lucky!
Phil does have one passion, he loves to meet beautiful women, the only problem is, he uses them then throws them away, sometimes literally. Then, he falls for Roxy, another incredibly beautiful woman. He goes straight for a while, but his old ways creep back in. He needs excitement in his life and he finds it the only way that he can. When Roxy becomes pregnant, he finds that excitement and that he must protect the baby at all costs, a new role for Phil.
Follow Phil, from bar to bar, country to country, watch as time and again he escapes everything. Then he meets Texas Ranger Matt McHamm. It is said that the Rangers never give up, but Phil has that mystical ability to hide in plain sight, maybe it really is better to just be lucky!