Tennessee Kyle

Amos Kyle has spent a grueling six months deep in the mountains of Mexico working his gold mine.  He is on his way out when he spots two men riding towards him.  They hail him and he stops to greet them.  Finding out that they are “stand up” men, he follows them to their camp.  Amos meets their families and spends two days with them.  Amos is surprised when he becomes attached to the two families, but after two days, he has to leave.  he travels about five miles when he hears gun shots behind him.  He hurries back, only to find the camp being attacked by ten men.  Finding a high spot he begins picking off the bad guys and soon they are on the run.  Venturing into the camp, he finds everyone dead but one person.  Libby’s wound is bad, Amos must get her out of Mexico and to a doctor or she will die.  Follow Amos and Libby as they flee the men and Mexico.