The Rig

The Rig is an exciting, modern day saga of Jack, who manhandles eighteen wheelers for a living. He stops at the Bar-Q Truck Stop to sleep. When he wakes up, someone is pounding on his Rig’s door. When he opens the door, a beautiful young woman, carrying a briefcase, climbs in. Mona confides in Jack that she is running from the mob and the brief case has a million dollars in it. She tells Jack that she will give him half the money if he will help her get away. Mona has stolen the money during a drug transaction and the entire mob is after her.
The mob chases them all across the Southwest, and many gun battles erupt. Jack becomes afraid of Mona as he watches her cold blooded execution of several hit men. Jack and Mona just do not seem to be able to hide anywhere. No matter where they hide the mob finds them.
Mona becomes the protector of Jack, but when the mob abducts Jack, she must decide whether the money or Jack is more important to her. Will she gamble with Jack’s life and try to fight a mass of mob hit men, or will she run again?The Rig

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