When Time Stood Still

When Time Stood Still” is the story of a group of people who struggle to survive after a cataclysmic event.  Two solar storms wipe out almost all signs of modern day life.  Earth is devastated.  People immediately begin to starve to death, food becomes more valuable than gold.  Money has no meaning.  The little group finds an old hotel/castle in Weatherford Texas and fortifies it against roaming bands of marauders.  They grow their own crops and live fairly well.  Then marauders try repeatedly to take them down.  Will they survive and will the people in the castle defend themselves or leave for something better?  When the group’s leader’s morals begin to break down from the constant battles, he falls in love with a younger, beautiful woman.  His feelings for the other

woman begins to erode the group’s chemistry, and tests their ability to defend themselves.  Will the group deteriorate once their stoic leader begins to battle his own demons?  Will the marauders capitalize on a group that is left with no one that is able to to protect them?  The thin line between right and wrong disappears.  Read a free excerpt at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/249866!

In February 2013  this book comes out in paper back.  I will provide a link to it at that time.

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